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Open Forum can be held at the beginning, middle or end of the meeting at the board's discretion.

Numbering. A numbering system should be used so as to easily guide directors and meeting attendees to agenda items. The use of Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV . . .) or Hindu numerals (also known as Arabic numerals--0, 1, 2, 3, 4 . . .) is a matter of preference.

Back-Up Materials. Agendas need only include enough information to identify the matter to be discussed. Full explanations are unnecessary. If a board member wants to include supporting arguments and information for an agenda item, it should be placed on a separate page in the board packet as back-up for that particular item. Following is a typical agenda for a meeting.

Video Conference. If the meeting is going to be held via video conference, such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Ring Central or some other platform, additional instructions need to be included in the "Notice of Meeting" so members know how to attend the meeting.


NOTICE OF MEETING: An open meeting of the Board of Directors of the [NAME] Association will be held at [TIME] on [DATE] at [LOCATION]. The following items will be on the agenda for the meeting:


1.  Call to Order

2.  Open Forum. During open forum, each attendee may address the board for up to three minutes. A director or manager may briefly respond to statements made or questions posed. Speakers must observe rules of decorum and not engage in other disruptive behavior. If a speaker is in the middle of a sentence when time is called, he/she may finish their thought before sitting down. The time guidelines ensure that others will have an opportunity to speak. Speakers may not allot their time to others. All persons must follow the Meeting Rules listed at the bottom of this agenda.

3.  Approval of Minutes

4.  Reports
     a.  Treasurer's Report
     b.  Committee Reports
         -Architectural Committee
         -Landscape Committee
         -Golf Committee
     c.  Manager's Report

5.  Unfinished Business
     a.  Balcony repairs
     b.  Installation of new security gates

6.  New Business
     a.  Tree trimming (slope areas)
     b.  Schedule for painting buildings 3, 4 and 5
     c.  Approve Liens on delinquent owners
     d.  Review and approve next year's budget
     e.  Possible change in board officers

7.  Adjourn to Executive Session
     a.  Member disciplinary hearing
     b.  Personnel issues
     c.  Roof repair litigation
     d.  Landscape proposals
     e.  Foreclosure authorizations

MEETING RULES: No audio or video recording allowed by attendees. However, the secretary may record the meeting to aid in the preparation of minutes. The recording is deleted once the minutes have been prepared. As provided in the "Open Meeting Act," members may observe the meeting but do not have the right to participate in the board's deliberations or votes. Members may address issues during the open forum portion of the meeting. If attendees become disruptive, they may be expelled from the meeting and/or fined.


Executive Session. See Sample Agenda for Executive Sessions.

Annual Meeting. See Sample Annual Meeting Agenda.

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