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The INDEX on the left has new laws by the year they were enacted. Click on the link to see both bills and case law.

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Nathan McGuire, Esq.
Former Chair of the California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC)

ADDITIONAL RESEARCH. The Davis-Stirling Act was reorganized and recodified in 2014. Most of the changes were non-substantive. When trying to interpret an ambiguous part of the Act, check what the CLRC considered, especially if something was changed. The main page for the study is: The overview of all CID related studies is: The primary text of the recommendation (2010):

The 2010 recommendation is a good place to start because it shows the CLRC comments on each statutory section. The main recommendation was published in 2010. It was changed over the course of the next three years, based on public comments. The CLRC’s comments and decisions are reflected in the Committee’s minutes and staff recommendations.



Calif legislation website (for tracking bills)
CLAC (Calif. Legis. Action Comm.)
Contacting legislators: Protocol
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Glossary of terms
Guide to reading a bill (for monthly reports)
How a bill becomes law
How to write an effective letter
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Assembly website
CLRC (Calif. Law Revision Commission)
Find your legislator (Assembly or Senate)
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