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New Laws
Calif legislation website (for tracking bills)
Bill tracking
CLAC (Calif. Legis. Action Comm.)
Contacting legislators: Protocol
Educating legislators
Glossary of terms
Guide to reading a bill
How a bill becomes law
How to write an effective letter
Legislation newsletter
Assembly website
CLRC (Calif. Law Revision Commission)
Find your legislator
Legislative Analyst
Legislative Counsel
Politics & Public Affairs
Senate website

I love your newsletters!! -Stacey K.

I always enjoy your Davis-Stirling Newsletter, not only for information but for the delicious sense of humor. Whomever creates your artwork is a genius. The milk carton "Missing Board Secretary" and broken lead pencil on today's Newsletter are worth a good chuckle. Keep up the good work. You are appreciated and enjoyed. -Kathryn C.
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