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"Additional Insured" means the association is added to and protected by the insurance policy of another party (frequently a vendor hired by the association).

Endorsement. Being added as an additional insured to a vendor's policy is normally done as an endorsement on their policy. It makes the association a first-party claimant in the event the association is sued because of some act or omission by the contractor/vendor. In other words, the association can demand that the vendor's insurance carrier defend the association. The additional insured endorsements should include both:

  • Ongoing Operations. This protects the association from claims made while work is being performed by the vendor.

  • Completed Operations. This endorsement covers claims made after the work has been completed. The endorsement may be on the same form as ongoing operations or may be on a separate form.

Notice of Cancellation. As an additionally insured party, the association will receive notice if the policy is canceled or not renewed for any reason.

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