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I laughed myself silly! You cannot imagine how much truth there was to your take-off on "Twas the Night Before Christmas". It has been forwarded to numerous board members in the hope they too can relate to some of the language. I read your letters each week and keep a file. This letter will be one for the ages. -Barbara C.

That was superbly done. Thanks for the Merry Christmas and the same to you, your family, and associates hereinafter referred to as friends. -Mel S.

This is great! Very funny. Merry Christmas, Brian E.

Very clever and the humor was not lost on this board member. Merry Christmas and to all the folks who enlighten us, A very Happy New Year. -George P.

This is the funniest and most charming Christmas story I have ever read. Thank you for sending it to me. Please know how much I find your HOA articles interesting and informative. Thank you for keeping me on your list. I wish you a Merry Christmas and all good things in 2009. -Lola B.

Okay - that was probably one of the best emails that I received all year! What a fun read! This time of year we receive so many goodies and treats which I so enjoy, but I must say that this also ranked up there as a great little gift to receive for the holidays. Thank you! -Julie B.

Thank you for your beautiful Christmas email. I plan to share it with other board members. Merry Christmas. -Jan C.

Thank you for a wonderful read. Perfect. -Ed G.

Adrian, Your Condo Christmas newsletter has made it to South Carolina, exemplifying the magic that provides said Claus the ability to visit the totality of age-non-compliant occupants in a single evening! Happy Holidays to you and yours! -John T.

Thanks for an exciting newsletter.... I am passing it on to all the homeowners so they will have a good laugh. And thank you for the emails over the year that helped our association make some important decisions. -Michael D.

Hilarious. Sadly much of it could/would be true if this occurred. -Michael B.

What a wonderful, hilarious Christmas newsletter! And thank you in general for all the newsletters and services you provide to us condominium inhabitants. I am on the budget committee of our condo and always find useful information coming from you. In this crazy world, it's calming to know that some sanity is available. -Charles B.

Very funny! It's good to see that you do have a sense of humor. Enjoy the Holidays!! -Margaret H.

Wonderful, thank you! -Sandy W.

Absolutely brilliant!!!!! -Krisi D.

Would like you to know that your Newsletter is a great service to many HOA directors. However, like so many other shortcomings we too often fail to make our awareness and appreciation known. Thank you, Tom M.

Thank you for all your informative newsletters throughout the year. -Julia R.

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. “eight (8) undocumented reindeer”………..very funny!! -Pam A.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year with your family and friends Adrian. And thank you for the great information all through the year. -John F.

Fabulous . . . especially loved the graphics. -Sharron H.

Very creative. Thank you. -Arthur R.

Thanks for "A Condo Christmas" - it's incredibly funny. You've given a lot of people a jolly laugh after a tremendously difficult year. -Miriam C.

I knew there could be some humor in this legal stuff eventually. Happy Holidays. -Dale P.

This was GREAT! -Ingrid K.

Such fun. Thank you. -Nancy D.

That was fabulous!! -Donna P.

Perfect legalize-condo-speak. Please run it again next year. -Larry Goldstein

How great the message! It seems that every HOA takes life and liberty too seriously. -Carol F.

Your Condo Christmas parody is great. I've forwarded it to all the members of our Board. I hope Mr. Claus visits your offices with many thanks for your regular newsletter. And I hope he doesn't scratch your polished floors. Although I've studied the Condominium Bluebook for several years, and had all the college courses for a brokerage license, my most practical education has come from your newsletters. -Hal G.

Wonderful!! Without a doubt, the best holiday greeting I've received. -Nana H.

You have a fine sense of humor! Enjoyed it. -Dorothy M.