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Boards are tempted to use their community managers to oversee construction projects but that carries a great deal of risk. For most construction projects, associations should use the services of a construction manager. Following is a general outline of services provided by a construction manager:

1.  Scope of Work. Prepare a bid package that integrates the repairs desired by the board with the proper specifications for achieving those repairs and a timeline for completing the project. This will allow an "apples to apples" comparison of bids.

2.  Bidding Oversight. Solicit bids from qualified contractors (licensed, insured and experienced), walk the project with the contractors, receive and evaluate bids, and make recommendations to the board of directors.

3.  Project Oversight. The construction manager oversees the project on the association's behalf and handles the following functions:

• Make sure permits are pulled.
• Review safety policies with contractors.
• Establish staging areas and sanitary facilities.
• Ensure notices to residents.

• Check for incomplete, substandard or incorrect work.
• Photo document the work.
• Inspect invoices and time sheets.
• Verify that materials match contract specifications.
• Review change orders.
• Report to the board on the progress of the work.

Project Completion
• Participate in final job walk-through.
• Prepare and oversee punch list work.
• Ensure warranty documents are delivered.
• Recommend release of final monies upon satisfactory completion.

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