Employer Notice Requirements
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Employer Notice Requirements

Every employer must post a notice for employees which states information concerning workers' compensation rights. The notice must be posted in a conspicuous location frequented by employees and easily read during the hours of the workday. To avoid penalties, the employer must provide the following information.

1.  The name of the current compensation insurance carrier for the employer.

2.  The form and content must be easily understandable, must be printed in Spanish if there are Spanish-speaking employees, and must include the following:

a.  Advise employees that all injuries should be reported to their employer.

b.  How to get emergency medical treatment.

c.  The kinds of events, injuries and illnesses covered by workers' compensation.

d.  The injured employee's right to receive medical care.

e.  The right of the employee to select and change the treating doctor.

f.  The right of the employee to receive temporary disability, permanent disability, vocational rehabilitation services and death benefits.

g.  To whom injuries should be reported.

h.  Time limits for the employer to be notified of an injury.

i.  The protections against discrimination provided by statute.

j.  The location and telephone number of the nearest "Information and Assistance Officer."

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