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Definition. "Good standing' is not defined in the Davis-Stirling Act but is generally understood to mean a member who:

  1. Is current in the payment of his/her assessments (both regular and special),
  2. Has paid any outstanding fees or fines, and
  3. Is in compliance with the CC&Rs, rules, or architectural guidelines.

Subject to the new limitations of the law effective January 1, 2020, "good standing" should be defined in an association's governing documents. Due process must be followed when determining a member is "Not in Good Standing."

Suspension. Members of common interest developments in California who are not in "good standing" may have certain membership privileges suspended, but, as of January 1, 2020, voting privileges may not be suspended for any reason.

Candidate Qualifications. For the purposes of being a candidate for, or serving on, an association's board of directors, the requirements for being in "good standing" are now subject to statute. See "Candidate Qualifications." A different standard for "good standing" may continue to apply for other purposes.

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