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Boards should adopt written guidelines to help inspectors of election determine the validity of proxies. Following are sample rules.

1.  Proxyholder Must be Present. Proxyholders must be present to vote.

2.  Voted as Designated. Proxyholders must vote as indicated on the proxy.

3.  Unsigned Proxies. Unsigned proxies are void.

4.  Unnamed Proxies. If the proxy does not name anyone as proxyholder, then the person who registers the proxy will be deemed the proxyholder.

5.  Undesignated Proxies. Undesignated proxies are those which give no indication how the proxyholder is to vote. The proxyholder will have the right to vote as he or she deems appropriate.

6.  Attendance by Owner. If the proxygiver attends the meeting and registers to vote, any proxies submitted on that member's behalf are automatically void.

7.  Multiple Proxies. In the event two or more proxies are registered for the same Unit/Lot, the following rules apply:

a.  dated proxies will prevail over undated proxies;

b.  proxies with the most recent date prevail; and

c.  proxies with the same date will be used for quorum purposes only. 

8.  Alterations. Any alterations to a proxy must be initialed by the proxy-giver, otherwise the altered votes or the entire proxy shall be deemed invalid.

9.  Non-Member Signatures. Proxies signed by a renter or any other non-member are void.

10.  Miscellaneous. Any issues not addressed by these rules will be decided by the inspectors of election on the night of the annual meeting.

How to Simplify Elections

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