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Lawyers looking for good resources on California CID law should add the following to their libraries:

1.  Advising California Condominium and Homeowners Associations by Curtis C. Sproul, Katharine N. Rosenberry and Mary Howell. Published by the Continuing Education of the Bar:

  • Drafting and amending articles, bylaws and CC&Rs,
  • Homeowner association governance: board and member meetings,
  • Financial disclosure requirements,
  • Enforcing assessments and covenants,
  • Handling construction defects under SB 800.

2.  California Common Interest Developments: Law and Practice by John Hanna and David Van Atta, published by Thomsom Reuters:

  • Discusses the planning process and the distinction between planned and master-planned developments.
  • Examines formation, governance, operation, management, liability, and litigation issues facing owners' associations.
  • Examines the scope of law regarding condominiums and subdivisions.
  • Explores financing, development, and construction of common interest developments, and applicable restrictive covenants.
  • Includes forms, practice pointers, comments, tables, index, and extensive cross-references.
  • Outlines financial issues regarding insurance, sale of interests, and taxation of common interest developments.
  • Reviews the law regarding continuing care retirement communities, time-share projects, and mixed-use common interest developments.

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