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As provided for in Civil Code § 4720, associations cannot put aesthetics over fire safety when it comes to roofs. Associations are prohibited from requiring owners to install or repair their roofs in a manner that violates Health & Safety Code § 13132.7.

Developments in very high fire severity zones must allow for at least one type of fire retardant roofing material that meets the requirements of the Health and Safety Code. Simply repairing a roof does not trigger the requirement for fire-retardant materials. However, replacement of more than 50% of a roof within a 1-year period requires the use of Class A or B materials for very high fire hazard zones and Class C for all other areas.

Recommendation: All associations should have their roofing requirements reviewed by an architect or roofing consultant to establish proper standards for their particular development. NOTE: Changes required by this statute are exempt from the 30-day member notice and comment period found in Civil Code § 4360.

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