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Since the potential for employment liability can be high, and litigation costly, legal counsel on employment issues is important. We advise boards on day-to-day employment matters and developing areas of the law. Because we specialize in large-scale associations, our firm has experience guiding boards and managers in the following matters:

  • Hiring practices
  • Termination decisions
  • Employee handbooks
  • Wage & hour disputes
  • Wrongful termination
  • Drug testing
  • Background investigations
  • Workplace violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • ADA compliance
  • Discrimination claims

Employee Handbooks. We prepare employee handbooks and review existing policies with the goal of reducing and preventing costly litigation by addressing wage-hour practices, sexual harassment, poor performance, discipline, and discharge issues, leaves of absence, disability issues, drug and alcohol testing, email policies, and workplace violence.

Risk Analysis. We provide employers with litigation risk analysis in order to facilitate the resolution of disputed employment matters before the defense costs escalate and expectations become unrealistic.

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