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How to Simplify Elections

Election Rules. All associations are required to adopt election rules that comply with the requirements contained in the Davis-Stirling Act, including the fairly complicated procedures imposed by SB 323. Election rules must:

  • address nomination procedures
  • specify candidate qualifications,
  • establish voter and candidate lists,
  • specify voting power of each membership,
  • specify a method of selecting independent third parties as inspectors of election,
  • allow the inspector to appoint and oversee additional persons to verify signatures and tabulate votes,
  • allow equal access to association media during campaigns,
  • ensure access to common area meeting space during campaigns,
  • establish secret balloting procedures,
  • address the use of proxies, and
  • require retention of election materials.

Bylaw Amendments. Boards should also consider amending their bylaws to simplify elections and eliminate problems created by SB 323. This includes:

Proposal. For more information or to receive a proposal regarding Election Rules, contact us.

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