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  California's Leader in Community Association Law March 17, 2020
Since everyone in the state is now quarantined, you clearly have more time to send emails. I received far more than I can include in the newsletter. Following is a small sampling. -Adrian

Open Meeting Act. I applaud your decision to ignore a small section of Civil Code regarding having to have one person present in a room for owners to attend. Last week we notified our clients that teleconferencing is the only method we will use for the duration of the current health issue. Keep up the good work. -Michael H.

Webinar Meetings. A possible solution regarding board meetings--we are considering a webinar where members can call in and use computer to log in and view our PowerPoint presentation on agenda items while they listen to the meeting. We'd have open forum at the end. At work we use webinar for other agencies and state meetings. Even JoinMe is an option. -Joseph L.

Free Conference Call. We will be holding our board meeting via so board members, our manager, and our association members can call in from their homes. Just thought you might want to know about this option. -Jan K.

Florida HOA. As always, thank-you for your sound advice and guidance. What do you know about Florida HOA law? Do you have a presence there as well? -Susan M.

RESPONSE: We don't have an office in Florida. Your best bet is to contact your local chapter of the Community Associations Institute. They can provide you with a list of law firms that specialize in HOA law. There are eight chapters in Florida. Following is a list with links providing contact information:

  Central Florida Chapter? (Orlando and vicinity)
  Gold Coast Chapter? (Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and vicinity)
  Northeast Florida Chapter? (Jacksonville and vicinity)
  North Gulf Coast Chapter? (Pensacola and N. Gulf Coast)
  Southeast Florida Chapter (Broward County and vicinity)
  South Gulf Coast Chapter? (Ft. Myers, Naples, and vicinity)
  Suncoast Chapter (St. Petersburg and vicinity)
  West Florida Chapter (Sarasota and vicinity)

Managers at Risk? Is the managing agent supposed to put themselves at risk by being at the meeting location? -Carolina R.


Holding Board Meetings. With the coronavirus scare going on, we held an open meeting via teleconference: (1) We advertised the meeting 4 days in advance. (2) We sent out the teleconference number so all members could attend from home. (3) We allowed an "Open Forum" for owners to speak and be heard by everyone. (4) One Board member went to the normal meeting place and was the "Leader" of the call via a speaker/spider phone. (5) Minutes of the meeting were created. All went well. (We have 261 units.) -Ray O.

Live Stream Meetings. Our board is going to hold their meeting this coming week, but is planning to live stream to members who can watch at home; there will be no member attendance least that is the current plan. -Melinda A.

Facebook Meetings. You might consider telling people to hold meetings via Facebook. They can do them live on a cell phone camera and it can be two way for questions from the homeowners. The Facebook page can be private to HOA members only. Just offering a suggestion. -Wendy W.

Suspected Covid-19. What do we do if we suspect Covid-19 may be present in the HOA? -PJS

RESPONSE: Be careful not to accuse people of having the virus--we are also in the middle of our annual flu and cold season. You don't want to find yourself on the wrong end of a defamation lawsuit. Stay calm and maintain social distancing. This will soon blow over.

KEEP MEMBERS INFORMED. One of our boards sent a letter to their members updating them on their actions related to the coronavirus. The letter is a model of how communications should be handled. I recommend all boards consult legal counsel regarding coronavirus updates with their members. Following is a copy of the letter:

To All Residents,

This correspondence is to let you know that the Board of Directors met in an Emergency Executive Session on Saturday, March 14, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. to discuss the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis. After consulting with legal counsel, we feel that it is necessary to provide you with the information below.

The health and safety of our staff and residents is our highest priority and we have asked management and staff to implement certain changes in an effort to contain and mitigate the possible transmission of the virus within our premises. While we know that you have received several communications regarding preventative measures, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with some additional information and reminders.
1. No cases of COVID-19 have been reported by any resident or staff member of the Mirabella. Residents and staff will be promptly informed if this changes.

2. Social Distancing measures are being implemented and everyone should try to maintain a distance of 6 feet from one other.

3. We have increased the frequency of cleaning in all common areas including door handles, surfaces and elevator buttons. Hand sanitizer stations have been ordered and will be placed in strategic areas when they arrive.

4. We are suggesting that everyone use caution when touching public surfaces and to engage in frequent hand washing.

5. The valet attendants are using rubber gloves when accessing vehicles and we urge residents to use disinfectant wipes in situations where other individuals may have access to your automobile and keys.

6. Residents are encouraged to self-park their vehicles if they are confident they can do so safely.

7. If you have determined that you need to self-quarantine whether you have the virus or not, it is imperative that you inform management so staff can do what they can to facilitate your self-quarantine. However, we cannot put staff at risk by bringing items into your home.

8. The fitness center, saunas, swimming pool, spa, pool area and conference room have been closed. Management will contact you to reschedule your events as soon as the facility is re-opened.

9. Delivery personnel will no longer be permitted on residential floors. All food deliveries are to be left at the front desk. Residents are encouraged to use delivery APPs that include payment and tipping within the APP or to come to the front desk to finalize their order.
Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation. While we understand the seriousness of this situation, we are encouraged that by implementing these measures and following the CDC guidelines that we can minimize the effects of this virus on our community.

Board of Directors
Kudos #1. I have read many emails from many senior executives this week about the evil virus. Your message is perfecto --- short, sweet, simple, and to the point! -Masud O.

Kudos #2. I cannot believe what we are seeing and appreciate your emails more than you will ever know. -Bill B.

Kudos #3. Like many other people affiliated with HOAs, we are extremely glad to have the resources of the Adams Stirling website. Our board routinely accesses it for valuable information. Additionally, we are very pleased with the newsletter and the information it contains. -Ron C.

Kudos #4. Good morning, your newsletter is great and filled with a wealth of information. -Leonila K.

Kudos #5. Great update…at least now with all the panic buying we will know that food stuffs, canned goods and frozen products will all be “turned over” restocked items fresh in the stores. Again—thank you for your timely and informative newsletter. -Donna G.
Adrian J. Adams, Esq.
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