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General Provisions of the Corporations Code
15 Shall and May Defined
20 Electronic Communication by Corporation
21 Electronic Communication to Corporation
General Corporation Law (Other than Social Purpose or Nonprofit)
204 Articles of Incorporation
208 Limitations on Power; Contracts
300 Corporations Act Through Their Boards
308 Provisional Directors
310 Contracts with Directors
600 Failure to Hold Meeting
601 Notice of Membership Meeting, Adjournment
800 Shareholder Derivative Actions
1502 Required Statements for Secretary of State
1601 Inspection of Books and Records
2205 Failure to File Statements - Penalties
Nonprofit Corporation Law
    General Provisions and Definitions Governing Nonprofit Corporations
5012 Financial Statements Defined
5016 Newsletter Notices and Reports
5033 Approval of Majority of Members
5034 Approval of Members
5036 Authorized Number
5047 Director Defined
5047.5  Protection of Volunteer Directors
5078 Voting Power Defined
    Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporations
5220 Designated Directors
5233 Self-Dealing Transactions
5239 Director Liability
5330 Unequal Membership Rights
    Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporations
7121 Incorporating an Unincorporated Association
7130 Required Provisions in Articles of Incorporation
7140 Powers of Corporation
7150 Adoption, Amendment or Repeal of Bylaws
7152 Delegates
7210 Corporate Powers Exercised by Board
7211 Board Meetings; Notice; Quorum
7212 Executive Committees
7213 Corporate Officers
7214 Validity of Instrument Signed by Officers
7215 Minutes Are Prima Facie Evidence
7220 Term of Office; Manner of Selection
7221 Declaring a Seat Vacant
7222 Removal of a Director Without Cause
7223 Removal of Director by Courts
7224 Filling Vacancies, Resignation
7225 Provisional Director
7231 Duties and Liabilities of Directors
7231.5 Liability for Failure to Discharge Duties
7233 Transactions Involving Directors
7234 Interested Directors; Quorum
7237 Indemnification of Corporate Agents
7238 Standards of Conduct
7312 Multiple and Fractional Memberships
7341 Suspension of Membership Rights
7510 Failure to Hold Membership Meetings
7511 Notice of Member Meetings; Waiver
7512 Quorum
7513 Acts Without Meeting
7514 Voting by Proxy or Written Ballot
7515 Petition Court Re Meetings or Written Ballot
7516 Written Consent of Members
7522 Close of Nominations; When Election Not Required
7523 Publication of Material Soliciting Votes
7525 Refusal to Mail Material; Liability for Content
7610 One Vote Per Member Per Matter
7611 Record Date and Eligibility for Voting
7612 Membership in Two or More Names
7613 Proxies
7615 Cumulative Voting
7616 Action to Determine Validity of Election
7810 Amendments to Articles of Incorporation
7812 Board and Membership Approval Requirements
7813 Amendments Affecting Class Rights
7911 Sale of Assets
8210 Statement of Information with Secretary of State
8311 Records Inspection by Agents
8313 Records Inspection Limitations
8320 Records Required to be Kept
8322 Annual Report; Notice of Indemnification
8330 Membership List
8331 Petition to Set Aside Request for Member List
8333 Membership Inspection Rights
8334 Director Inspection Rights
8338 Membership List Misuse
8610 Voluntary Dissolution
8724 Dissolution of Corporation
 1.  Conflicts in Law & Governing Docs
 2.  Proper Terminology
 3.  Rules of Interpretation 

While many of your replies are humorous, your response to the pit bull quandary was hysterical. The images conjured up in my head will last the day, along with the smiles. Love your style!! -Lisa I.

Your newsletter has been so informative and useful over the years. I just love it. Concise, well written, to the point, and usually discusses an issue we've had to deal with at one time or another. Thank you. We value your newsletter. I believe you've helped a lot of people. -James F.

Thank you so much. I am addicted to your newsletters. I commend you on your effort to educate thousands of board members and homeowners. -Azi D.
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