Miscellaneous Statutes
Adams Stirling PLC

Business & Professions Code
7026.1 Contractor Defined
11004.5 Subdivision Defined
11018.6 Seller/Lessor Disclosure Documents
11211.7 Timeshare Exemptions from Davis-Stirling Act
11500 Definitions
11501 CID Managers
11502 CID Manager Certification
11502.5 Manager Education & Exams
11503 Exception
11504 Manager Disclosures
11505 Manager Unfair Business Practices
25602 Serving Alcoholic Beverages; Liability
Civil Code
44 Defamation
45 Libel Defined
46 Slander Defined
47 Privileged Communications
51.2 Senior Housing Discrimination
51.3 Senior Citizen Developments
51.4 Exemption for Establishing Senior Housing
51.11 Senior Citizen Personal Rights
712 Real Estate Signs
713 Allowable Real Estate Signs
714 Solar Energy Systems
714.1 Reasonable Restrictions on Solar Energy
789.3 Tenant Utilities
798.34 Mobilehome Fees & Charges
799.5 Compliance With Rules
799.9 Mobilehome Live-In Care Age Restrictions
801.5 Solar Energy Easements
817 Housing Cooperatives and Trusts
1466 Buyer Liability for Seller Breaches
1714 Negligence Defined; Serving Alcohol
1714.21 External Defibrillators
2295 Agency Relationships
2924(b) Notices of Default and Sale
2929.3 Blighted Property
2985 Real Property Sales Contract Defined
3479 Nuisance Defined
3480 Public Nuisance Defined
3481 Private Nuisance Defined
3532 Idle Acts
Code of Civil Procedure
12 Preliminary Provisions Re Comuting Dates
12a Computing Dates With Holidays
116.220 Small Claims Court Jurisdiction
116.221 Small Claims Limits on Amounts
116.231 Limitation on the Number of Small Claims
116.340 Service of Process In Small Claims Action
116.540 Small Claims Court Limitations
116.710 Small Claims Appeal
116.725 Vacating Clerical Errors
116.780 Small Claims Appeal; Attorneys' Fees
336 Statute of Limitations on Violation of Real Property Restrictions
415.21 Access to Gated Community For Service of Process
425.15 Complaints Against Non-Profit Directors
425.16 Anti-SLAPP Motions
525 Injunctive Relief
527.6 Harassment; Petition for Restraining Order
527.8 Threats of Violence; Petition for Restraining Order
564 Court Appointed Receiver
729.035 CID Foreclosure; Right of Redemption
729.090 Right to Rent During Redemption Period
Elections Code
3018 Voting Absentee Ballots
15105 List of Absent Voters
15624 Deposit to Cover Cost of Recount
18371 Electioneering Disallowed
Government Code
6700 State Holidays
12956.1 Discriminatory Language in Governing Documents
66452.10 Condo Conversions
Health & Safety Code
1500 Community Care Facilities Act (selected statutes)
1566 Residential Care Facilities (selected statutes)
1596.70 Child Day Care Facilities (selected statutes)
1797.196 External Defibrillators; Limitation of Liability
11362.77 Medical Marijuana
11834.20 Drug Treatment Facilities (selected statutes)
13132.7 Fire Hazard Zones
25249.11 Definitions; Consumer Product Warnings
25915.2 Notice of Asbestos
25915.5 Notice of Asbestos; Employees
122335 Restrictions on Tethering Dogs
Labor Code
2810 Contract Requirements for Labor
6404.5 Prohibition of Smoking in Workplaces
Public Resources Code
25980 Solar Shade Control Act
Vehicle Code
22658 Towing Vehicles
22853 Notice Regarding Towed Vehicle
22953 Towing From Fire Lanes & Hydrants
Internal Revenue Code §528: Homeowners Assn Taxation