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California Fire Codes § 308.3.1, § 308.1.4, and § 308.3.1.1 were adopted by the state in 2007. Open-flame cooking devices (including charcoal & propane grills) may not be operated on combustible balconies or within ten feet of combustible construction. There are exceptions for:

1.  One and two-family dwellings,
2.  Where buildings, balconies, and decks are protected by an automatic sprinkler system.
3.  LP-gas cooking devices having LP-gas containers with a water capacity not greater than 2-1/2 pounds [nominal 1 pound (0.454 kg) LP-gas capacity].

In addition, propane containers with a capacity larger than one pound cannot be transported through enclosed common area stairs, hallways, or elevators. They must be transported into the unit through an exterior stairway.

Insurance. Some insurance carriers want to see barbecues (especially charcoal) gone from frame complexes altogether.

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