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"Master Planned Communities" are large real estate projects that may include homes, commercial, retail and community facilities. The California Department of Real Estate defines them as developments consisting of 500 or more separate residential interests managed by a community association. (Cal. Code Regs. § 2792.32(a).)

Subassociations. Within master associations are usually found smaller subassociations with their own governing documents and architectural styles. Members pay two sets of membership dues, one set to the master association and one to the sub-association. Subassociations can be set up as standalone associations with their own CC&Rs or as areas within an association that receive and pay for special benefits. They may be called:

Maintenance. Typically, the master association maintains roads, parks and recreational amenities that are common to all members. Subassociations maintain the structures and amenities within their own developments.

Delegates. As provided for in Corporations Code § 7152, large master community documents will often allow for "delegates." Delegates are neighborhood representatives who vote on behalf of the members they represent.

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