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Responsibility for Treatment. Unless CC&Rs provide otherwise, the association is responsible for treating termites and other wood-destroying pests or organisms in the common areas. (Civ. Code §4780.) Pests that might appear in an individual unit would be the responsibility of the unit-owner to treat.

Method of Treatment.
 The method of treatment (tenting vs. spot treatment) and the materials used in the treatment are at the board's discretion. (Lamden v. La Jolla Shores.)

Fumigation Release. If the board selects fumigation, occupants must vacate their units and sign an "Occupants Fumigation Notice and Pesticide Disclosure" form. (California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Section 1970.4.)

Disagreement. If the membership disagrees with the board's termite treatment method, it has recourse via the ballot box. Members can elect directors who reflect their preferences. This can be done by submitting a petition for recall or by running candidates at the next general election.

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