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As provided for in Civil Code § 5120(b), the tabulated results of an election must be:

  • promptly reported to the board of directors,
  • recorded in the minutes of the next meeting of the board,
  • made available for review by the membership, and
  • within 15 days of the election, reported to the membership via general notice.

Following is a sample report to publish to the membership and record in the minutes:


#1 Election of Directors
There were 5 candidates for 3 open seats.

Number of units: 110
Quorum needed * 50
Ballots cast 61
Abstentions** 4
Voided ballots*** 1
1. John Browning 40 elected
2. Mary Goodwin 38 elected
3. Fred Smith 32 elected
4. Sally Jones 14 not elected
5. Larry Marsh 42 not elected (withdrew)
  -Bart Simpson
1 not eligible
#2 Special Assessment
A special assessment of $800 per unit to redecorate lobbies (majority of a quorum needed for approval) was also on the ballot.
Vote:  40 in favor,  16 against
Result:  assessment approved

* Quorum is the percentage of eligible voters needed to conduct the election. [Requirements will vary from association to association.]

** Abstentions occur when members (i) sign in at the the meeting but do not cast ballots or (ii) cast ballots that are not voted, i.e., the ballots are blank. Abstentions count toward quorum.

***  Inspectors should tabulate votes on a ballot when the meaning is clear. Ballots should be voided when (i) outer envelope is not signed, (ii) ballots contain more votes than permitted, or (iii) non-official ballots are substituted for those distributed to owners.

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